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Wellness Programs That We Offer


Very qualified Massage Therapist's that are professionally trained and Board Certified through IMF and ABMP. Offering full range massage techniques from Deep Pressure, Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage, Gua-Sha, Craniology, Polarity, Acupressure, Emotional Release.

$60.00 per session    

$220.00 per 4 sessions                

$300 per 6 sessions


Darkfield and Dry Cell Testing:

Specially trained for darkfield and live cell testing and review.        

$80.00 per session



Professionally trained Wellness Coach's utilizing the biofeedback techniques that are recorded from a response through frequencies. Use of laser acupressure.
$120.00 per session            

$300.00 per 3 sessions    

$700.00 per 8 sessions


Mini Scan:

Quick vibrational scan.        

$50.00 per session    



Use of biofeedback changing allergy patterns.

$80.00 per session    

$225.00 per 3 sessions 



Specialized Consultant, performing eye readings and review, which includes a large photo picture of eyes.

$80.00 per reading and photo

Oxygen (O2) Bath:

Placed in large bag full of oxygen           

$15.00 per session.             

$40.00 per 3 sessions


Auric Reading:

Specialized Consultant for energy point reading.     

$35.00 per session



Qualified Mediator Consultant, teaching 12 consciousness levels, de-mesmerize, energy reading, dowsing, memory course.

$200.00 per 4 sessions or taught as class with group


Call For Appointment: 248-473-0624
Treehouse For Earths Children –  Rev. Christine Meinke Ph. D, D.P.Sc

22906 Mooney St.

Farmington, MI 48336

Darkfield and Dry Cell Test

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