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Hermatyk Angel Oil

A Special blend of edible organic oils:

              organic grape seed oil, and organic sesame oil.
Now with essential oils of Frankincense, myrrh, clove, rosemary, lemon, cinnamon, wintergreen, and eucalyptus
              Each oil has its own unique properties!


We blended a source of pure edible oils, prepared by Alchemical techniques using special vessels, natural lightning, sound harmonizer, orgone energy fields and enlightened bodies. Our unique process stores living preatomic elements within this powerful product.

Ingredients: Mono-atomic Gold, Mono-atomic elements, Noble Precious Metals, and Sea Salts. All these energies are infused into the oils for pain relieving properties!

May feel tingling sensation, pain elimination, heightened senses, vivid dreams, calming effects, toxin elimination, strengthening, happiness, emotional releasing and more.


Testimony statements:

Vivid  Dreams never seen before with Geometric forms.

Pain relief within seconds.

Such vivid colorful dreams.

After putting Hermatyk oil on my shoulder and was able to lift my arms up. I had not been able to do this for 10 years.

Swelling finger went down after nothing else worked.

Smashed finger in so much pain, Hermatyk oil not only taken pain away from finger but repaired damage within hours.

Hermatyk Oil took care of painful bones.

I couldn't stop laughing and feeling happy even after a harsh tragedy.

Helped me cope with anxiety.

Helped me to eliminate after being plugged up for 1 week.


Apply 2-4 drops to desired area with use of massage.

Needs to be stored in fridge in tin can and /or Orgone tube for storing energy properties.

Can be used with Organic Silicon G5 for ultimate results.

Research the benefits of ORMUS OIL!

Made by:

YHVHVAZ CO / Products For Nature

22906 Mooney  St. Ste.7

Farmington, MI.48336


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