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                                      Treehouse Sunday Buffet! 

Welcome to the Treehouse. We have our Organic, Vegetarian, and Raw Food Buffet on the third Sunday of each month. It is from 1 to 6pm for $20 and All-You-Can-Eat!. In 2008 we were ranked #1 in the state of Michigan as the best Sunday brunch! Our next buffet is on February 18th

We hope to see you there! 1-248-473-0624 Here is our Buffet Menu
Future Sunday Buffets: February 18th, March 18th, April 15th.

Past menus for our sunday buffets! 

                  New Year 2019  Sunday Buffet
               ( best of many healthy worlds)

             Raw Foods and Gerson Book Foods

                 extras with pizza and lasagna                                 ---------                           ALL ORGANIC !
Every1st and 3rd Sunday of the month

             Time: 1 to 6pm          Cost: $20.00


                                         At: The Treehouse for Earths Children

                                       22906 Mooney St, Farmington, MI 48336


_______________________ ___________________________________________________________

We are celebrating the New Year! Come and Enjoy our healthy foods and wonderful atmosphere! There will be tasty raw foods, cooked foods, deserts, and much more! We welcome you to attend and enjoy the festivities!


Tacos, taco neat, salsa, tahini cheese, nacho mix, tabouli, tahini sauce, zucchini hummus, lentil falafels, basil pesto, tomato pesto,  guacamole, nori wraps, raw  pizzaz, raw spaghetti, kale sesame salad, neat burger, raw bread, raw pumpkin coconut soup, thai kelp salad, veggie pizza, oatty burger, raw stuffing, shitaki gravy, mashed potatoes, sheppards pie, harvest lasagna , caramelized beets, veggie rice, veggie slaw, lentil onion, sourdough rye bread,  kefir cheese,  zucchini  bread, veggie burgers, puffed potatoes, tomato pesto, cilantro pesto, fruity tuity salad, veggie slaw, yamilicious,  raw apple pie, carrot cake, raw cranberry pie,, pumpkin pie, yogurt cream, kefir kombucha punch we also make extra chocolate pancakes and lasagna for the whole family to enjoy.

              Bring family and friends, hope to see you there!
                                        Donation $20.00



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